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AgriTech Center of Excellence helps food, ag startups thrive (Cornell Chronicle)

The robust potential of upstate New York’s agriculture sector has drawn many entrepreneurs and start-ups. Since opening in September 2018, the Center of Excellence (COE) has fostered connections between New York state’s business community, introducing entrepreneurs to potential partners, investors, and grants as well as Cornell’s world-renowned researchers.

Before COE was created, the Cornell Chronicle reports that, “none of New York’s 13 state-designated Centers of Excellence – each associated with an institution of higher education – focused on food and ag”.

As a key ally to agriculture start-ups, the COE supports an industry that is crucial to the economy and future of New York as well as the livelihoods of individual companies and farms.

“There’s growth opportunities in the food sector that are enormous for our regions because of the expertise we have, because of the natural resources we have, because of universities like Cornell.”

  • Vinnie Esposito, Vice President, Empire State Development

More than 75 small New York-based companies are thriving thanks to support from Cornell AgriTech’s Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture.

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