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Being a part of the Geneva Made community means your brand stands for premium quality backed by real people. Ensure consumers that your product is Geneva Made by including our brand mark on your packaging.


Food and beverage startups aren’t born in Geneva, they’re MADE from a recipe of equal parts world-class research and innovation, premiere infrastructure, engaged local government, highly-skilled workforce and homegrown entrepreneurial spirit. Get the Geneva Made seal on your product today.

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Geneva has contributed to our success by providing abundance, access and affordable business investments. Abundance reflected in the local agricultural community and the grains, fruits and vegetables offered; access to the Cornell Food Venture Center and Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture driven by outstanding research and collaborative innovation; and an affordable option for start-ups and growing businesses seeking a balance of opportunity, community network, and being part of someplace special.

Greg Woodworth, Stony Brook Wholehearted Foods